We have two Gammill Longarm quilting machines on the premises and we gladly quilt for the general public.



Quilting is a journey, not a destination – 

we are all somewhere on the path of learning.






Preparing Your Quilt for Longarm Machine Quilting

  1. Proper construction of your quilt is very important. Full areas on your quilt will not quilt out, and may cause tucks and pleats.
  2. Press your quilt top. Turn your quilt over and be sure seams lie flat. Minimize bulky seams.
  3. Trim loose threads. Be sure there are no dark threads showing through lighter fabrics.
  4. Your top should be free of embellishments (beads, buttons, charms, etc).
  5. If the outer edge of your quilt is pieced, or if there is no solid border, it is a good idea to stay-stitch approximately 1/8″ from the outer edge of top to prevent the outside seams from coming undone.
  6. Borders should lay flat. Measure your top in three places (top, middle, and botom). Average these three measurements before adding borders and cut borders to fit this measurement. If borders are not done this way, it is very possible that the outside of the quilt top will be wavy, causing pleats and tucks when quilted.

Preparing Your Quilt Back

  1. Select 100% cotton fabric for your back.
  2. Remove selvages from seams. Sew with a 1/2” or 5/8” seam allowance with 12 stitches per inch. Back stitch at the beginning and end. Press seams open.
  3. Cut your batting and backing a minimum of 6″ larger than your quilt top. For example if your quilt is 70″ x 80″, then your backing should be 76″ x 86″. Be sure that all edges are straight.
  4. If directional mark the top of your quilt with a pin and label stating “top”.
  5. Press backing well.
  6. Think of thread color when choosing your back.

Quilting Charges
• Minimum Charge – $40.00
• Make Back – $15.00
• Panto charge ranges from $.015 to $.025 per square inch. (Multiply length of quilt by width to determine the number of square inches in your quilt.)
• Cut and piece binding – $.05 per linear inch (Add all four sides together to determine the linear inches.)
• Attach binding to front of quilt by machine – $.05 per linear inch
• Hand stitch binding to back of quilt – $.15 per linear inch
• There is a $10.00 handling charge.
• There is a rush fee of $30.00.